"Oliver Maximilian is a polish-german hybrid that was born in Berlin, Germany back in the end of the 80s. He spent most of his teenage years playing football (soccer) on a professional youth level, before starting to work as a creative lead for various local companies. He began to identify himself as a KULTURHYBRID as he got bored by the question if he's Polish or German. Especially because he grew up in a multicultural neighbourhood and was always interested in adopting different cultural values. Beside the fact he was known for his entertaining and positive attitude, he sometimes appeared to be worrying about something."

After years of suffering from heavy depression, an anxiety disorder and hiding my illnesses, I decided to quit my double life and move on to face my biggest fears, while travelling the world with nothing more than my camera, some clothes and a few bucks. Disconnect from all the numbing things that I don't need in my life. Connect to the core of everything - our emotions and needs. I don't know how, where and when this will end, but photography is my path and creative expression my light. I want to improve my social skills, spend more time with photography and expand my horizon while discover and exchange with human and nature.

Reflection, self-study and understanding. This is my courage.
Human culture, photography and creative expression. This is my passion.
Exposure, confrontation and persistence. This is my choice.