Exploring Human

I am not an activist, I am not a philosoper, not a photographer or an influencer. I am just a regular guy and to bet honest, I am not even really 'helle' (bright) - as we say in Germany. But, I feel a lot! I feel there is a need for awareness, a need for support and love among us humans. If you'd ask me why I am doing this, I'd probably tell you something about how I like people and culture and travelling but we all know it's about more than that. It's about who I am, what I have to say and what part I want to take in our whole story. While dealing with my own problems, I want to catch attention with photography, build a hub for creative expression and create awareness for humanitarian projects. I want to learn, improve and create. Right now, I am at the beginning, going all-in with all I have, my skills and a camera. However, the further I move, the more defined and focused KULTURHYBRID will get.